Powered by enthusiasm and our dedicated team of professionals, we can help you establish your online presence and become the leading brand in the pet shop industry in the MENA region. We know what pet owners need to be able to look after their pets properly.

Our Team

Our Customer Service team is trained to give recommendations to customers about pet food, toys and bedding, grooming services, etc. Our team ensures the pet shop becomes the friendliest online pet shop with outstanding customer service.
We constantly educate our team members to standards that are endorsed by many of the leading animal care bodies in the MENA region.

Product Sourcing

8com sources products from prominent suppliers around the globe, offering various products with high quality at competitive prices. We strive to satisfy the needs of every customer, whether they are searching for a new toy for their pet, food, grooming tools, or they need some tempting treats to train their pet.

Operations And Logistics

Our expertise teams ensure all processes from A to Z go smoothly without any delays, from product sourcing and product testing to end-customer delivery.


Because we are specialists in the pet care field, everything we offer to the customers is tested specifically for pets. This gives the customers peace of mind that they are buying products which have been properly tested and are specific to their animal.

Inventory Management

We offer inventory management across different locations in the UK and MENA countries. Using a sophisticated digital system to track orders, payments, stock quantity and product dispatching, we can track and check every step in the process in real time.


8com is using only prominent worldwide and local delivery services that ensure fast and safe delivery of products across the UK, Europe and MENA countries.

Payment Security

Payment security has never been in question for our customers. We offer a variety of payment options and at the same time, we have implemented the latest online payment security protocols.