Constantly seeking to be innovators, we give our partners the best opportunity to become leaders in the Sports industry in the MENA region. We’ve come so far from our humble beginnings, and we believe our best chapters are yet to come.
Providing the latest trends in sports gear at the best prices makes us a prominent competitor with a bright future.


Inspiring people in their efforts to live healthier and happier lives represents the core of our business. These are our core values that lead our behaviors and our strategy leads the way.

Supply Chain

We source our products from prominent suppliers around the globe. From end to end, our global supply chain ensures on-time delivery in a global multi-channel setup.
We manage and adapt our distribution and transportation channels, support the development of our vendor network, and continuously optimize our supply chain processes.

Quality Management

Products are subjected to extensive quality control tests before being sold to customers. Our own quality control team carries out testing and inspection. We also often engage third-party inspection teams to conduct specific tests on manufacturing sites.


Reliable, efficient, and timely operations management enables the growth of our brands. From end to end, our operations team ensures to provide the best service in the UK, EU, and MENA countries.


We manage diverse logistics in order to enable always on-time and cost-effective delivery of products to customers by truck, rail, plane, and sea. We also offer door-to-door delivery, using only proven local and international delivery services.


8com puts the safety of its customers and partners as a priority. To achieve that, we are applying all the worldwide security standards and security protocols needed, to ensure payment security and personal data protection.

The Future

We are on a never-ending path and that’s what we like. We develop our company by dealing with challenges. We consider our company as a living organism, reacting to changes and allowing our partners to take part.