We provide our partners with the best smart eCommerce and AI solutions so that they can provide technical products and programs to their customers through DTC technology.
Your customers can now choose technically suitable products with comparisons through AI programs.

What Will You Find In Your eCommerce Solution?

High-Quality Suppliers Only!

8com deals only with world-class suppliers to ensure the best product quality. We are selecting suppliers using a professional rating system which is providing us with top-level suppliers and optimize procurement of quality goods.

Quality Control

Our comprehensive quality control system guarantees that all products we offer are genuine. We always follow the five steps of CITST quality control to ensure all our products meet quality standards and users’ requirements.

Best Prices On The Market

We use premium supply chains to ensure the best prices and cost-effective products in all product categories.

Products From Leading Manufacturers

Working with the best suppliers and the most famous Chinese brands, we offer thousands of products from various manufacturers, including products from top brands like Apple, HP, Dell, Xiaomi, Samsung.

Convenient Express

Fast and cost-effective delivery to many countries and regions with door-to-door delivery included.

Payment Security

We provide 100% payment security, using only proven payment gateways. We offer various global and local payment methods for users from various countries.