8com Limited is an international information technology company specialized in the field of ICT / AV and digital transformation based in the United Kingdom and has partners and representatives in all countries of the Middle East and North Africa to provide modern commercial services to all end users.

Grow With Us!

Online shoppers want a digital buying experience that is efficient, intuitive, and convenient. In exchange, they’re willing to forgo the in-store experience and wait a few days for delivery if you offer a complete eCommerce solution and they can trust your service.

Complete Solution

Our cutting-edge technology pushes forward what’s

Out Of The Box

8com limited is using a smart eCommerce platform and intelligent applications to let its partners provide a DTC (direct to consumer) service which takes the seller–customer relationship one step further. Unlike the traditional B2C eCommerce model, which often relies on a retailer middleman to fulfill the order, in our case, we let our partners link the end users with the main source.

Communicate With Confidence

We all know that there are many who tried to transfer their business to the world of eCommerce, but they took the wrong path because there was no service provider to fully support and provide a complete feasibility study to them.


Our Team

8com Limited has extensive planning, technical and research capabilities, trading experience and a track record. We have expert staff in all eCommerce services, we provide leading technological innovation in the different areas in which we specialize.

Using our teams and assets for market research, eCommerce and marketing development activity will make your organization be in the top of the eCommerce-rated companies.