IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation Services for Software Development

8com stands as a prominent IT staff augmentation firm, offering adaptable collaboration options tailored to clients’ requirements, financial constraints, and project scopes. Our offerings encompass specialized skillsets, proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, and developers with pertinent backgrounds. Our staff augmentation solutions are designed to furnish you with the timely support and assistance you require.

Database Archetict

Project Manager

UX & UI Designer

Support Specialists

Data Scientist

We Provide

1. IT Staff Augmentation Services

Enhance your dynamic team by incorporating top-tier developers possessing specialized skills aligned with your industry and specific needs.

2. Full Project Outsourcing

Entrust the complete project development to our comprehensive team, which includes developers, designers, project managers, business analysts, and quality assurance experts.

3. Dedicated Teams

Opt for hiring a complete team instead of constructing one from the ground up, resulting in cost savings by bypassing recruitment and management efforts.

4. Long-Term Partnership

Ensure the availability of a dependable outsourced development team whenever the need arises, whether for introducing new features, initiating fresh projects, or completing existing ones.

5. Manage Your Project

Consider hiring not just developers but also Project Managers and Business Analysts to entrust the management of your project to proficient specialists.

6. Vendor Transition

Switch your service provider to leverage our dedicated team services, and you can have new developers onboarded within five business days, allowing for a swift continuation of your project.

Industries Transformed With Our Augmentation Development Services


Fin Tech



Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Benefits Of Our IT Staff Augmentation Services


No Recruitment Hassels

Leave the recruitment process to our team and save money


Access to unique skills

Hire experts with unique skills and expertise to boost your project


Full Control

Get all the benefits of outsource yet be in charge of the entire process


Fewer Legal Hassels

Reduce legal issues related to full-time employees and kick off the project asap

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